What Fresh Forage is about...

Fresh Forage strives to deliver the best food experience in the Ann Arbor area, where you can eat only the freshest and most thoughtful ingredients. At Fresh Forage, we know the modern struggle that comes with trying to eat healthy, locally sourced foods that fit into the fast-paced lifestyle. It always seems to be a trade-off of convenience versus health.

You want to be eating local farm fresh ingredients, but whether it's the short lunch break, the small window of time between work and when you pick up your kids, or struggling to find enough hours in the day - it's hard to find something that matches your ideals - until Fresh Forage

Environmentally conscious eats

Some of our ingredients are sourced from local farms, as well as sustainably foraged from the deep woods throughout the state of Michigan. Our dynamic seasonal menu evolves with what is fresh and available. Foraged or farmed, you know that what you're eating is as fresh as possible. It is our goal to minimize our environmental impact, such as shipping and waste. By sourcing locally and minimizing waste with careful kitchen management and the use of compostable takeout materials whenever possible, we are providing choices that are both locally and globally considerate.

Fast casual fresh is the paradox that we hinge our mission upon - it joins the ideals of the slow food movement with the fast-paced culture that we all live in. The interior design further reflects that paradox - the well-decorated space encourages slowing down and savoring the food and the moment it is in, yet the fast casual layout is accessible for anybody anytime. Whenever you experience Fresh Forage, our passion and commitment to real, healthy food will always be what we bring to the table.

We love Michigan and healthy food, Ann Arbor.

The same state with beautiful freshwater and painted skies grows the second most diverse range of crops in the United States and has plenty of native offerings to match. Andrew Sereno, owner of Fresh Forage, grew up in Chelsea, Michigan, and has thoroughly enjoyed the natural bounty of the Huron watershed and the Waterloo and Pinckney recreation areas throughout his life.

These local forests offer some of the most diverse, if not the most diverse, concentration of life in the entirety of the United States. He hopes to share a taste of the magic that he calls home at Fresh Forage by offering a dynamic seasonal menu that changes with availability of food in Michigan.

How we select for quality

Fresh Forage is an effort to show that a business can exist in harmony with the natural environment and the ecosystem that enables it. This starts with sustainably-grown non-GMO heirloom seeds planted on rolling hills of mineral-rich glacial soil in the heart of the Huron watershed. Farmed with non-”conventional” methods, watered with Michigan freshwater, and loved with all of our hearts combined, the food we produce on our farm is life. We take these raw ingredients from the farms of like-minded friends in the area and turn them into a convenient yet wholesome meal that you know everything about and feel good about in every way.

It's just like going to the farmer's market. By growing what we serve and sourcing what we can locally, we reduce the pollution associated with shipping. Every step we take is to achieve a full-circle sustainable experience - something we can all feel good about. Both the Fresh Forage menu and the kitchen processes behind it adapt to what is seasonal and locally available to reduce food waste and pollution. The bottom line is the earth we share and the life it supports, not the money in the bank.

Beyond food, we care about this community

Fresh Forage seeks to reinvested into achieving resilient communities. Whether that’s trying to reduce our impact on the planet by reducing waste, using local ingredients for more nutritious food, or donating to a like-minded charity, we want there to be positive meaning and intention attributed to each and every cent spent on a meal at Fresh Forage. You vote with your dollar in America and it feels good to know that you’re supporting a new path forward and creating a bright future for us all just by eating some good food.


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