Our Farm-to-Table Partners

Where exactly does your food come from?

Some of the greens we’ve grown right in our own kitchen!

Some of the greens we’ve grown right in our own kitchen!

Fresh Forage
Locally sourced? It doesn’t get much more local than our own kitchen, where we grow our very own microgreens. Microgreens are dense with nutrients and are easy to grow, so why wouldn’t we grow our own?

Boyce Family Farm
Fresh Forage co-owner and head chef, Sam Boyce, provides many of our seasonal ingredients right from his family’s farm! For our current menu, they’re providing us with hot peppers, spinach, snap peas, lettuce, green beans, sumac, and lambs quarters. 

Harnois Farm
From hand-raised chicken eggs to heirloom turkeys, Harnois Farm is all about ethically raising free range birds right over in Webster Church Township, Michigan. They’re currently providing chicken eggs for our current seasonal menu. 

Deep Roots Ranch
Deep Roots Ranch is a small family farm that is focused on raising happy animals while improving soil health. They’re located in Chelsea, Michigan, and they naturally raise their meats; that’s why we go to them for our pasture-raised beef! Check out their Facebook page!

Old Brick Farm
Old Brick Farm has operated as a local family farm for over 150 years. Based in Chelsea, Michigan, they provide us with chicken and duck eggs!

Some fresh veggies from Tantre Farm!

Some fresh veggies from Tantre Farm!

Tantre Farm
Tantre Farm is another awesome family farm we work with! Based in Chelsea, Michigan, they provide many of our leafy greens like kale, spinach, arugula, and lambs quarters. They also grow the crisp cucumbers and zucchinis you can find in many of our dishes! Learn more about them here!

Milan Coffee Works 
Milan Coffee Works provides us with organic/fair trade coffee. Based in Milan, Michigan, they pride themselves on coffee that is complex yet consistent. Their products help bring a cafe vibe to Fresh Forage! Learn more about them here!

Donahee Farms
Donahee Farms is a third generation farm that provides fresh produce, flowers, and even pumpkins to much of southeast Michigan! They’re located in Plymouth, Michigan, and they provide tomatoes and cucumbers for our current menu.

Sell Farms
Located in Ypsilanti, Michigan, Sell Farms & Greenhouses has flourished over the past 25+ years, from a single wooden greenhouse into a cornerstone farm of the area. They provide us with crisp and delicious lettuce! Learn more about them here!

Guernsey Farms has been providing Michigan with milk for over 75 years!

Guernsey Farms has been providing Michigan with milk for over 75 years!

Guernsey Farms
No growth hormones added, small batch sizes, and happy cows for over 75 years. It’s obvious why we go to Guernsey Farms for our milk! Located in Northville, Michigan, they’re another supplier that is right around the corner. Check out their website!

Neu Kombucha
We believe in the power of kombucha and all of its beneficial properties. And lucky for us, Neu Kombucha has exploded onto the scene since they opened for business in 2014. They’re located in Farmington, Michigan, and they make some killer kombucha! Check out their website!

Beirut Bakery
When we were transitioning to our new Mediterranean menu, we knew we had to find the best pita in the area. Enter Beirut Bakery. They use their Lebanese roots and family recipes to create authentic Middle Eastern baked goods, right here in Michigan! Located in Redford, they’re providing the area with genuine tastes of the Middle East. Learn more about them here!

Michigan Farm-to-Freezer
Michigan Farm-to-Freezer collects and flash-freezes small batches of the freshest produce from small- to mid-size Michigan Farms.They provide us with locally grown blueberries and strawberries for our smoothies and other treats! Check them out here!

Miller Poultry
Yet another local family-owned company, Miller Poultry is dedicated to producing ethically-raised, naturally grown poultry. Their birds are fed 100% veggies and are antibiotic free as well! They’re located just across the Michigan-Indiana border in Orland, Indiana, and they’re providing us with chicken for this season’s menu! Check out their website!

Farm Country Cheese
For over 25 years, Farm Country Cheese House has worked in partnership with the local Amish community to create fresh, antibiotic-free, artisanal cheeses. Located in Lakeview, Michigan, they provide us with some of the freshest, tastiest cheese around! Learn more here!

Sacred Springs
Another Michigan kombucha producer we go to is Sacred Springs, located in Jenison, Michigan. Their kombucha is said to be “organic sound infused”. Check out their website to learn more!

Victory Farms
Located in Hudsonville, Michigan, Victory Farms specializes in root vegetables and winter squash. Victory Farms’ veggies are all non-GMO varieties, and they focus on providing fresh, high-quality produce. That’s why we go to them for some delicious beets!

Yoder Farm
Located in Hanover, Michigan, the Yoders ethically raise hogs on vast pastures, where they’re fed GMO free food. It should be no surprise that they provide our pork!

Kitchen Farms
Kitchen Farms has been growing, bagging, and shipping potatoes and more for over 100 years! Out of Elmira, Michigan, they provide us with local potatoes and beets. Learn more about them here!

Our partners are our friends

We believe in everyone we work with and fully trust them to be mindful about how they produce their products. Any of our partners could be found at the local farmer's market or a farm to table dining room. Award-winning restaurants wouldn't be possible without the involvement of the local farming community because freshness is something we all can taste.

The best restaurants in Ann Arbor, take the same care in choosing the best ingredients to eat and drink as they do with how they treat their guests. You can see the passion, but you can really taste it.

We're proud to say that our menu features the same type of meticulousness of fine dining, but at a simplicity that is accessible to all. We go deep. We start with our farmers.

“When are we are looking at sourcing things we actually look at a specific time frame of what we can source,” says Boyce. “We look at what is actually available locally and then I build the menu around that. It flips the relationship on its end and it really empowers the farmer.”

The benefit to the farmer is not worrying if his crop selection will sell or not. “It’s a win-win at that point, we provide them a guaranteed output for what they’re producing,” Sereno said.