Our Farm to Table Partners

Our partners are our friends

We believe in everyone we work with and fully trust them to be mindful about how they produce their products. Any of our partners could be found at the local farmer's market or a farm to table dining room. Award-winning restaurants wouldn't be possible without the involvement of the local farming community because freshness is something we all can taste.

The best restaurants in Ann Arbor, take the same care in choosing the best ingredients to eat and drink as they do with how they treat their guests. You can see the passion, but you can really taste it.

We're proud to say that our menu features the same type of meticulousness of fine dining, but at a simplicity that is accessible to all. We go deep. We start with our farmers.

“When are we are looking at sourcing things we actually look at a specific time frame of what we can source,” says Boyce. “We look at what is actually available locally and then I build the menu around that. It flips the relationship on its end and it really empowers the farmer.”

The benefit to the farmer is not worrying if his crop selection will sell or not. “It’s a win-win at that point, we provide them a guaranteed output for what they’re producing,” Sereno said.