So Many Options, So Little Gluten!

Fresh Forage provides an awesome variety of gluten-free dishes! In fact, only a few of our options actually include gluten. Whether you’ve got a gluten intolerance or are looking to simply cut carbs from your diet (going Keto?), there are plenty of reasons to avoid gluten.

Baja Tuna Salad.jpg

Try our Baja Tuna Salad!

One of our many gluten-free Forage Bowls. (Ingredients: Seared Baja Tuna, raw purple cabbage, sweet lime beet slaw, raw snap peas, shaved radish, served over greens and topped with cilantro.)

How do we avoid gluten

  • Veggie-Based Noodles: We offer spoodles (sweet potato noodles) and zoodles (zucchini noodles) that hold the texture of noodles without the gluten. They’re also tastier in our opinion!

  • Wholesome Bases and Proteins: We keep things simple; we don’t needlessly coat anything in flour or breadcrumbs.

  • Awareness: We know gluten doesn’t provide any essential nutrients, and it can be harmful to many. So why would we force it into everything?

Check out our menu or find our ingredients below to see all of our gluten-free options! The only items that contain gluten have a little wheat symbol next to them, so stay away from those if you’re looking to avoid gluten.

Let us know if you have Celiac Disease, a wheat allergy, or any other gluten-intolerance, and we’ll take extra precautions to make sure your dish is carefully prepared to avoid any cross-contamination. See ya soon!