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What is Fresh Forage?

At Fresh Forage, we know the modern struggle that comes with trying to eat locally and sustainably sourced foods that fit into the fast paced lifestyle. The perennial trade-off of convenience versus health. You want to be eating local farm fresh ingredients, but whether it's the short lunch break, the small window of time between work and when you pick up your kids, or struggling to find enough hours in the day - it's hard to find something that matches your ideals.

Enter Fresh Forage.

Our ingredients are sourced from our own family farms and other local farms, as well as sustainably foraged from the deep woods throughout the state of Michigan. Our dynamic seasonal menu evolves with what is fresh and available locally. Foraged or farmed, you know that what you're eating is as close to the source as possible. It is our goal to minimize extraneous environmental impact, such as shipping and waste. By sourcing locally and ensuring zero post-consumer waste through use of 100% compostable materials, we are providing choices that help both locally and globally.

Fast casual farm-to-table is the paradox that we hinge our mission upon. Slow down and savor our food if you have the time, take it to go, or eat it quickly if that's all the time you have. Any way you choose to experience Fresh Forage, our passion and commitment to real, healthy food will always be what we bring to the table.