August 20, 2022

A little flower power for your Friday

We've teamed up with our floral friends @scherdtfarm to bring you the same beautiful flowers we feature in our dining room, available as bouquets to take home with you or to gift to a loved one 💕

Located just 3 miles from us, @scherdtfarm is a family operation of two households. Pictured in the first slide is Sarah of @scherdtfarm, one of the owners/operators of the 4th generation family farm who delivers and tends to our flowers weekly. @scherdtfarm dream is to restore the farm's agriculture business that thrived in the 1970s & 80s. Their garden cart and flower stands are the beginning!

Not only are these local florals downright stunning, but they're also great for our local pollinators and bee populations – win, win! Scherdt Farm practices pesticide and chemical-free growing. Instead, they rely on companion planting, beneficial and predatory insects, nature, and the power of their own hands to manage weeds and pests. All products they offer are grown, raised, and/or prepared right in Dexter,MI.

@scherdtfarm Flower Farm Stand is currently popped up in @mifreshforage offering single variety bunches and weekender bouquets featuring 12-20 stems of mixed variety flowers. Single variety bunches are available daily until sold out, and Weekender Bouquets are available with fresh drops on Thursday until sold out.