August 20, 2022

Exciting news, friends –

you can now get your Fresh Forage favorites ALL DAY from 11-8!

A while back, when we released our new menu, our aim was to offer two distinctive menu experiences – lunch and dinner… Well, after some reflection, and listening to the feedback of our guests, we've decided that to better serve you that we're going to offer a single All Day Menu, featuring all your Fresh Forage faves on one menu – so that for breakfast, lunch, or dinner you can enjoy the food that you love most!

Our new menu features the best of the best from both lunch and dinner menus, but to combine them, some less popular items had to go. You'll also notice some price adjustments we made in order to keep delivering top-quality meals given today's ever-increasing prices on ingredients. We are excited about the new menu and hope you are too!

Thanks for supporting your local foodie friends @mifreshforage – see you soon, friends!