February 16, 2021

Checkout our latest forage!

We took some time this week to forage for some local seasonal ingredients. Check out what we gathered!

Golden Oyster MushroomsTry our new butter-sautéed golden oyster mushrooms, cooked to order. Try them as a side or in a Forage Bowl. Nothing beats freshly foraged Michigan mushrooms!

Wild Chives
We also managed to collect plenty of wild chives which we will be using in our wild chive and garlic aioli. Try it on your favorite Forage Wrap or Bowl!

Place an order and give it a try!

New craft drinks!

We're constantly rotating new craft beverages onto our menu. Right now we're offering blueberry lemonade and strawberry-cilantro limeade. Try one out today!

Fresh List of Kombucha

Mango Lemonade, Ginger Berry, Lavender Lemonade, Root Beer, Tart Cherry Ginseng, or our seasonal favorite Dandelion Cola! Come try one while supplies last.