June 26, 2023

Say "Hola!" to Maria Bonita!

Say "Hola!" to Maria Bonita, a new pop-up series @mifreshforage by Chef Eduardo Rubio, dedicated to bringing the true essence of authentic Mexican cuisine to our region.

Maria Bonita is more than just a culinary adventure; it's a love letter to Eddie's home, where he grew up, and the vibrant culture of Mexico. It's a testament to his passion for food, his insatiable appetite for travel paired with his skillful execution and beautiful presentation.

While we in America have grown accustomed to a "Tex-Mex" approach to Mexican cuisine, Maria Bonita aims to capture the full spectrum of Mexico's culinary delights – providing an authentic and deeply rooted culinary experience, celebrating tradition, heritage, indigenous ingredients and methods of preparation.Chef Eddie will embark on a culinary exploration of various regions in Mexico, focusing first on Mexico City – his hometown. Maria Bonita will proudly utilize scratch-made ingredients, leaving no room for shortcuts in flavor. Eddie will be collaborating directly with trusted local suppliers, prioritizing the use of local ingredients. Any ingredients that cannot be sourced locally will be imported from reputable suppliers in Mexico.Maria Bonita's mission is to challenge your comfort zone and redefine your perception of "Mexican food." Prepare to broaden your horizons, treat your taste buds, and experience something truly unique!

• Sunday, June 25th | 11am–4pm
• Sunday, July 16th | 11am–4pm

Arrive early to ensure you have the widest selection of offerings. Please note that as this is our inaugural Maria Bonita pop-up, supplies will be limited – when we sell out, we sell out.

Join us at Fresh Forage, located at 5060 Jackson Rd, Ann Arbor.

No tickets required! Help us spread the word, gather your loved ones, and enjoy a beautiful meal together.After your visit, we would love to hear your thoughts as we experiment with our new pop-up series. So come out, support local, and share your thoughts!