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Enjoy Healthy Food in Ann Arbor at these Restaurants

“Who knew that healthy food in Ann Arbor could be served up so fast? This eatery takes fast food to a whole new level, with a menu that features prime ingredients from local sources.” Fresh Forage provides local, seasonal ingredients from Chef Samuel’s very own family farm as well as foraged items from the woods in Michigan.


Get your tickets for the Farm to Table Fabulous Feast!

The 5 Healthy Towns Foundation is hosting its fourth annual Farm to Table Fabulous Feast! It will be held at Dexter’s historic Gordon Hall on September 22nd. There will be tons of awesome local foods from awesome local restaurants; you won’t want to miss out! Get your tickets here.


Summer Updates!

Summer is right around the corner, and Fresh Forage has a ton planned! Menu changes, extended hours, brunch, and more are coming to Ann Arbor’s freshest dining spot. Take a look at all of our summer updates!

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2019 Patio Guide

Summer is right around the corner, and Current has you covered on the best patios in Washtenaw County. Our new patio made the list! Check out their entire 2019 Patio Guide here, and come hang out on the patio all summer long!


Fresh Forage Offers A Farm-To-Table Menu Of Unique, Strict And High Quality Standards

We Love Ann Arbor wrote an in-depth piece on Fresh Forage and being open for over six months. Take an inside look at Fresh Forage with interviews from co-owners Andrew Sereno and Chef Sam Boyce on their vision, early success, and plans for the future!


Fresh Forage Tops List of Best Restaurants Serving Vegetarian Food

Eater Detroit ranked the top 10 Ann Arbor restaurants that serve vegetarian food, and Fresh Forage came in at #1! While we don’t exclusively create vegetarian options, we do take pride in our vegetarian/vegan ingredients and dishes. Like all of our ingredients, our veggies are locally sourced for maximum freshness, so come try one of the best vegetarian dishes in the area.

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The Hottest Restaurants and Bars in Ann Arbor Right Now, Winter 2018

Fresh Forage was featured as #1 in Detroit Eater’s article as one of the hottest restaurants in Ann Arbor! Fresh Forage has a lot to offer Ann Arbor and the local community, both in terms of food and experience! Where else has fast, convenient farm-to-table food with everything made from scratch in-house? The menu changes with the seasons so be sure to check back often!


Fresh, Healthy Food for Any and All at Fresh Forage

Ann Arbor Family has a few things to say about Fresh Forage. Awesome article and a fun read describing the variety that Fresh Forage has to offer - including the highly dynamic seasonal menu and the food offerings that appeal to any palate, big or small, young or old! Fresh Forage is a great option for family’s with picky eaters and limited time.


Local Sustainable Food from Fresh Forage

Check out the article in the November 2018 issue of Natural Awakenings in Ann Arbor for some insight into our vision for Fresh Forage as a whole! From locally-sourcing our ingredients (both produce and meat) to have zero post-consumer waste by only offering compostable items, we share what Fresh Forage means to us and how we hope to make an impact not only in the local community, but in the larger ecosystem that we all share.

City Chefs 2018

Cool spotlight from Current Magazine featuring local chefs in Ann Arbor, including our own Chef Samuel! Chef Samuel loves cooking with garlic and infusing an eclectic mix of cuisines into every dish he creates and every ingredient he works with at Fresh Forage!


Fresh Forage: Making It Easy to Find Dairy-Free Options

GoDairyFree features Fresh Forage as a great spot in Ann Arbor to find Dairy-Free options on the menu (our menu is over 90% dairy free!). Craft your own bowl with what you like, dairy or not, there is something for everybody at Fresh Forage! Plus the allergen indicators on the menu make it very clear what contains the Big 8 Allergens. This is opposite of most restaurants which indicate when something is free from an allergen, Fresh Forage instead indicates when something contains the allergen!


Chelsea grads open new restaurant Fresh Forage

Chelsea Update shares some background into the owners of Fresh Forage and what Fresh Forage has to offer the local community! Whether it is food that everybody can eat, no matter their diet or allergies, or providing local farmers a place to take their bountiful harvests - Fresh Forage makes an impact on the local community in a number of ways! It also helps that owners Samuel Boyce and Andrew Sereno are both from Chelsea, MI originally, now live in Dexter, MI and Fresh Forage is in Ann Arbor, MI!


Fresh Forage Restaurant Brings Farm-To-Table To Life

We Love Dexter sat down for an interview with us and got the scoop on what Fresh Forage means to us and what customers can expect when they come to try out Fresh Forage! What is Farm to Table, Fast? Fresh Forage offers a convenient, healthy option to diners in the Dexter/Ann Arbor area made from fresh, locally-sourced ingredients.

From Pizza to Fresh Forage

Ann Arbor Observer shares what makes Fresh Forage different than other restaurants in the area and the transformation that took place to make Fresh Forage a reality!

Farm-to-table restaurant plans summer opening near Ann Arbor

Get ready for Fresh Forage! Coming to the west side of Ann Arbor - Fresh Forage offers a diverse cuisine with options for everybody, in a craft your own bowl format!